GLOBALACTIVE (Fitness-Centre)

With GLOBALACTIVE, we provide you with an in-house fitness centre where you can exercise to improve your health and well-being. Every newcomer gets a complete fitness check according to the guidelines of the Deutscher Sportstudio Verband (DSSV - German Sport Studio Association). There is an open house on the last Friday of a month, where all employees can try out the centre for free. Once a month, we also organise extra courses and lectures by external staff, which are open to everybody.

Prerequisites: Signing of a membership contract is required for long-term use. Membership fees are EUR 20 per month. You can contact Enrico Heber-Brown, 0351 81268,

Cycling to work

Exercise is the alpha and omega of health. Cycling in particular generates a balance of body and soul and also protects the environment. So why not give up the car more often? You can join one of our cycling teams or even form your own team with your colleagues via the Intranet.

Prerequisites: Please log in via the homepage of the GlobalFoundries (GF) Intranet.

Physiotherapy and sports events

For the well-being and speedy recovery of our employees, we offer in-house physiotherapy (please do not forget the prescription!) in addition to our own fitness centre. Whether massage or rehabilitation-sports, our competent and experienced therapists ensure that you get back on your feet quickly. Various sports events for employees and their families sponsored by GF Dresden also enhance team spirit and a sense of belonging within the staff. You can look forward to a sports festival, beach volleyball and football tournaments, the REWE Team Challenge or ice skating.

Fit together: cycling and running clubs at GF

There can't be enough exercise for you? Then just join our GF CYCLIST and RUNNERS CLUB! You can register via www.strava.com.

In addition, our running club meets every Wednesday at 12 'o clock noontime. Meeting point is the fitness centre "GLOBALACTIVE".