We are excellent - Fab 1 received the Corporate Health Award 2018!

Olaf Drillisch-SaathoffOlaf Drillisch-Saathoff
Henrike WinterHenrike Winter

Certified: We sustainably promote the health of our employees

The Corporate Health Award (CHA) is the best-known and most successful initiative in the field of corporate health management in Germany. Since 2009, the award has been presented annually by EuPD Research Sustainable Management, the Handelsblatt and the ias Group to companies that demonstrate above-average commitment to the health of their own employees.

In August 2018, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Dresden applied for the Corporate Health Award and underwent a multi-stage process including a full-day audit. We have achieved an excellent result. As a company, we have been awarded the seal of excellence for our sustainable work in the area of maintaining and promoting employee health.

We asked our HR Director Olaf Drillisch-Saathoff and our health protection expert Henrike Winter (EHS-Security) what was decisive for the jurors for this evaluation.

Olaf, why did Fab 1 apply for this award?

As an employer, we have been actively committed to the health of our employees at the Dresden site since 1996. Our aim is to raise awareness of healthy living and working practices so that we can jointly master the changing demands of our professional and private lives. With the application for the "Corporate Health Award" we would like to show internally and externally how comprehensive and sustainable our health management is.

Henrike, what does Fab 1 offer to our colleagues?

The health management in Fab 1 is indeed extensive. Our occupational health department ("Sanistelle") is very well equipped and offers extensive possibilities to work immediately with our own competent medical personnel in case of illnesses and medical emergencies. In addition, we offer a wide range of preventive measures, vaccinations, ergonomic advice and health-promoting measures such as the annual health days. All these measures contribute to ensuring that our employees remain healthy both professionally and privately and pay the best possible attention to their health.

Olaf, what particularly impressed the judges?

The jury confirmed that our company health management is among the best in Germany. Our employees benefit from comprehensive health services that are precisely tailored to their needs. The auditors reacted particularly positively to the wide range of health services and the intermeshing of the various measures and programs. Here, EHS Security and HR have been working closely together for a long time, because health and social issues go hand in hand! The successful Company Integration Management (Betriebliches Eingliederungsmanagement, BEM) should be emphasised, but also offers such as the gym, physiotherapy or theme-related break rooms, which are intended to directly increase the well-being of the employees and thus indirectly contribute to health protection.

Henrike, what are the next steps?

We don’t want to rest on our laurels, but see the award as an incentive to maintain the high level of our performance and to further expand and deepen the health promotion of our employees. It is very important for us to strengthen the health awareness of our colleagues. To this end, we are planning further action days in 2019 around the topic of health and well-being.

Olaf, what's your conclusion?

I am convinced that all injuries, work-related illnesses and accidents can be avoided! I want a safety and health culture based on prevention, risk awareness, continuous improvement and adherence to carefully developed guidelines. If each one of us personally and instinctively adopts and adheres to this culture, we will achieve the best safety and health standards! In particular, I hope that in 2019 we will make rapid progress in improving our CPS shift system.