Occupational Medical Health department (“Healthcare Team”)

Our Occupational Medical Health department (“Healthcare Team”) is very well equipped and provides comprehensive facilities in the event of illness and medical emergencies. With our own competent, medical staff, we can act immediately if you are unwell. Our company doctor is available to give you individual occupational health information and advice. Business travellers can also take advantage of travel medical consultation (including vaccinations).

In addition, we provide comprehensive occupational-medical check-ups, vaccinations, eye and hearing tests and health-promoting measures. For example, we organise health days on completely different and changing topics once a year (e.g., nutritional advice, stress management, training course for lifting and carrying, body analysis).

All employees also benefit from the prescription service. Our medicine collection and delivery service will take care of your prescription so you can make better use of your free time.

Plus you do not have to worry about work-related equipment yourself: we make sure that you get the necessary safety goggles for instance. We can also provide ergonomic work equipment after individual ergonomics consultation.

The various options offered by the GlobalFoundries (GF) Dresden Health Care Plan will save you long trips to the doctor or pharmacist, promote your health and sensitise you to your own well-being. The time saved helps you focus on your work-life balance.

Become a volunteer

Do you want to become a part of the medical emergency competence field? You can assist us by becoming a first-aid worker. In-house training will provide you with the latest know-how in first aid.

In addition, we are committed to helping our fellow human beings. We regularly organise blood donation camps and typing for bone marrow and stem cell donations.

Corporate integration management

The health of our staff is very important to us. If you have been sick or incapacitated for more than 6 weeks (uninterrupted or with interruptions) in the last 12 months, we are here to support you. As part of our corporate integration management, we help you find a way to recover and avoid another or chronic illness. Our Health Circle, which has 8 employees from different departments, is responsible for this.