IT tool: “Integrated Job Safety Analysis”

We care about your long term well-being. We therefore regularly deal with the risk factors for the respective work areas. As the first step, a team of executives, employees and experts determines and evaluates these risk factors in accordance with recognised standards. Risk minimisation measures are then defined and implemented in the second step. Employees can use our IT tool “Integrated Job Safety Analysis” to obtain information about risks and how to avoid them.

Prerequisite: This IT tool can be accessed via computer by all employees.

IT tool: “Chemical Information System”

The IT tool “Chemical Information System” provides an overview of all hazardous substances used on the office premises. It also provides information about risk minimisation measures.

Prerequisite: This IT tool can be accessed via computer by all employees.

Web-based training for safety at work

Do you have any more questions about safety at work and health protection at GLOBALFOUNDRIES Dresden? A web-based basic training programme has been carefully prepared to provide all basic knowledge on this topic. The training course can be taken at any time at a computer workstation.

Prerequisite: This basic training can be accessed via computer by all employees.

Weekly EHSS report for executives

We send out weekly emails to all executives, with the aim of informing them briefly about current topics related to safety at work and health protection. This provides a quick overview of the regular safety related work.

“EHSS Global Echoes” as an Intranet information platform

In addition, we also provide information about safety at work and health protection every three months on our Intranet information platform “EHSS Global Echoes”. It gives a brief overview of the latest information.

Prerequisite: All employees can obtain this information if they have access to a computer.

In-house fire brigade (full-time)

Our in-house fire brigade is prepared for emergencies: A total of 15 firefighters work round the clock, 7 days a week to guarantee the security and safety of our employees.

Emergency Response Team (ERT)

Rapid action is required in the event of injuries, poison accidents or fire and smoke. Our “Emergency Response Team” is specially trained to react to dangers quickly and to contain any secondary damage. This is how the 75 members of the team make a considerable contribution to risk minimisation in emergency situations.